Short Description

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Main Features

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Double Stitching
  • Metalic Zipper


  • Collection: AW 18
  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Model: Lace Dress

Blackbarrett by Neil Barrett is Neil Barrett’s second line focusing on a more casual, sportswear feel whilst maintaining the design concept from the mainline Neil Barrett. With a mix of wardrobe staples from Outerwear, to T-shirts and Trousers the Brand offers everything all with the Neil Barrett Trademark fits and Designs. Featuring POP Prints and Iconic Slogans, Blackbarrett carries a Gym and Sportswear Foundation throughout and featuring technically advanced materials maintains a cutting edge style.


Our Key Piece:

  • BlackBarrett Technical MA-1 Bomber Jacket in Green
  • Lightweight Technical fabric that is also water repellent
  • Waterproof front zip and pocket zips
  • Branding on each pocket strip and zip tag