Kent and Curwen is not a household name within the fashion industry but it’s a matter of time before it will be. A British Heritage brand born in the 1920’s, founders Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen originally produced ties to Oxford and Cambridge University as well as some of the finest clubs in London. They later moved on to producing knitwear, including the first ever cricket jumper, an item that solidified their reputation across the world, leading he brand to dressing the Hollywood Cricket Club in the 1930’s, members of which included Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier.

Fast forward 80 years and Kent & Curwen has been reignited with new owners Daniel Kearns and David Beckham (yes the global football superstar David Beckham) creating collections that celebrate the English heritage behind the brand as well as meet the demands for the modern man. With Kearns behind the creativity and design and Beckham being the influencer and face of the brand, Kent & Curwen is sure to hit the spot with the consumer and Represent what the British Heritage in the right way.

Receiving our first delivery of the new Autumn Winter 18 Product this week we couldn’t help but show it off. See below for some of our favourite pieces from the new collection and keep an eye out for the brand as hype grows.

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